1. First, try to find your school among the enrolled ones and continue according to the result:


2. Did you find your school?

  a) I am a student, what should I do? Ask your teacher to register your school.
  b) I am a teacher - I want to register our school and become the school coordinator.
      Register your school...

Please ask the school coordinator to register you to the scool.
Unfortunately there is no school coordinator listed or that person is no longer related to school so I do not know who to contact.
  a) I am a student, what should I do? Ask your information teacher to contact us.
  b) I am a teacher, what should I do? Send us from the official school address (to SGP at SGPSYS dot COM :
      1) Details of your school: SID, school name, official school's e-mail and school's phone number.
      2) Personal data of the new SGP school coordinator: full name and personal e-mail.
      After verification, we set new school coordinator, so you will have full control over your school SGP account.