1.2.01 - Balties` competition

Methodology - preview

Language : EN
Age : 7 - 10 years
Subject : Maths, native language, Arts
Title : 1.2.01 - Balties` competition
Type of methodology : Project :
Authors : Eva Hlavata :
Description : Baltieland is a country of all magic people. And now there is going to be a very important event - Baltie´s Competition. It´s prepared by villagers once a year and it´s for Balties from all over the country. Thera are manycategories- running, magic, riddles, etc. But the villagers also need your help. So let´s help them to prepare this competition. Then all Balties from our computers will compete. Assist them to do their best.
Requested skill : basic skills in Baltie(Building the scene) and in graphic editor
Acquired skill : Baltie(Building and conjuring the scene), using spray, geometrical figures, and other basic tools in graphic editor, writing in the text or table editor
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