1.2.02 - The book of mind-benders

Methodology - preview

Language : EN
Age : 7 - 10 years
Subject : Maths, native language, Arts
Title : 1.2.02 - The book of mind-benders
Type of methodology : Project :
Authors : Eva Hlavata :
Description : Make your own book of mind-benders. Surely you have already tried to crack some mind-benders and enjoyed it. But once you write an answer in the book, no one else can have a joy of solving them after you. Let´s make our own book and record it on a CD, which means that the same task can be tested many times.
Requested skill : basic skills in Baltie(Building and conjuring the scene) and in graphic editor
Acquired skill : Baltie(Building and conjuring the scene), using tool select in graphic editor, ability to write simple text in the text editor, to change font colour and size
Comment :3rd block
.ZIP file size :34 kB
Disk size :60 kB