1.2.04 -The diary of an Extraterrestrial

Methodology - preview

Language : EN
Age : 7 - 10 years
Subject : native language, Arts
Title : 1.2.04 -The diary of an Extraterrestrial
Type of methodology : Project :
Authors : Lubica Gabajova :
Description : We have found a crashed spaceship. It belonged to PITY as well as a diary lying inside. Pity is an extraterrestrial who came to visit our planet Earth. Unfortunately the diary is almost destroyed.But we will try to reconstruct it and find out who Pity was, how he looked like, what planet did he come from, what kind of friends and relatives he had, etc.
Requested skill : This project is suitable for pupils without skills or experience with computers
Acquired skill : orientation on the screen, a mouse click/double click, pulling, using Paintbrush tools – a rubber, a pencil, a spray, color table
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