First try to find your school among registered and then continue:

I have not found our school.
  a) I am a student, what should I do? Ask your teacher to register your school.
  b) I am a teacher - I want to register our school and become the school coordinator.
      Register school...

I have found our school, but there is no school coordinator listed or that person is no longer related to school so I do not know who to contact.
  a) I am a student, what should I do? Ask your information teacher to contact us.
  b) I am a teacher, what should I do? Send us:
      1) Details of your school: SID, ID, school name, official school's email a school's hardline.
      2) Personal data of the new SGP school coordinator: full name and personal e-mail.
      After verification, we set new school coordinator, so you will have full control over your school SGP account.
      Send a request to change the SGP school coordinator...