1.2.03 - My story, my fairy-tale

Methodology - preview

Language : EN
Age : 7 - 10 years
Subject : native language, Arts
Title : 1.2.03 - My story, my fairy-tale
Type of methodology : Project :
Authors : Lubica Gabajova :
Description : Do you like fairy-tales? Surely, you do. But do you know how is a book published? Perhaps you heard about writers, illustrators, printers and editors† a team of people who work on the same object† your book. We are going to change our classroom to a press (a publishing house). All of us will be writers, illustrators, printers, editors, publishers and booksellers. We are going to make our own book and print it out or save on CD-ROM.
Requested skill : Baltie – Building a scene, text editor- formatting, copying (using the Clipboard)
Acquired skill : orientation on the screen, a mouse click/doubleclick, pulling; scanning with the help of teacher; Baltie† Novice level of programming mode, sounds recording (teacher´s work), Clipboard´s applications, sending e-mails and SMS
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